You're Home

There is nothing like it in the world


"Residences that are California cool — as though Richard Neutra’s famous Case Study houses got a warm 21st century makeover."  Jacoba Urist - New York Times

Be at your best

Healthy home, healthy life


Fresh Air

Low VOC Materials

Air Filtration

Natural Ventilation

Paticulate Reduction

Maintainance Protocols



Clean Water

Whole House Filtration

Mineral & pH Systems

Greywater Recovery

Stormwater Collection

Effective Irrigation



Good Food

Home Garden Integration

Clean Kitchen Design

Composting Equipment

Advanced Food Storage

Mindful Eating Spaces



Natural Light

Maximized Daylighting

Glare Reduction

Solar Heat Controls

Diurnal Lighting Technology


Biophilic Design

Indoor / Outdoor Living

Native Planting & Landscapes

Natural Materials & Finishes

Responsive Seasonal Design


Health & Comfort

Acoustic Dampening

Localized Haptic Controls

Screen-Free Sleep Zones

Relaxation and Meditation Spaces

Ready to weather the storm

Built-in resilience and off-grid capacity to keep you up and running

Solar canopy

Photovoltaic and solar hot water panels provide renewable sources of heat and electricity, reducing your carbon footprint, your utility bills, and your dependence on aging infrastructure that might not be there when you need it.  When installed on a rooftop canopy, these systems also create additional living space shaded from the sun, keeping you cool while generating heat and electricity for your home.

solar canopy

Robust battery storage

Energy storage is the critical component of resilient building systems. Using the latest in battery technology, Tesla Power Wall provides hours of backup when called upon, and can store up solar power from the day, to be used through the night.

Backup generator

When all else fails, a backup generator will kick in to power the critical components of your home.  Generac Generators are powerful enough to support multiple functions and customizable so that you can prioritize what is most important to you.


It's only natural

Life in balance

Sustainable Building

Renewable Materials

Responsible Sourcing

Support Local Business

Waste Reduction


Sustainable Living

Renewable Energy Systems

Healthy Cleaning Supplies

Conscientious Consumption

Minimize Harm To The Planet


Sustainable Society

Living Wage For All Workers

Safe & Healthy Workplace

Training & Education Support

1% For The Homeless


There is no place like home

"This is a special sort of dream house"

- Lisa Boone, Los Angeles Times

Choose the solution that is right for you.


Ready-Made homes are built to our exacting standards, and construction is complete or just finishing.  These homes provide you with the convenience of a move-in ready home and the option to select one of our curated furnishing and accessory packages, creating a true turn-key experience.






Semi-Custom homes are in the early phases of development and are built on our carefully engineered plans - designed for efficiency, comfort, and convenience.  Using our proprietary design tools, you can customize the home to meet your specific style and personality.  The base model is already an extraordinary combination of quality and value, but you can select fixtures, finishes, and add-ons to fit your specific needs.



Custom homes are designed and built just for you.  This luxury home option provides you with the opportunity to have a select design team working on building your dream home.  The design and construction of these homes start at $290/sf plus the cost of land, site development ($45-85,000+), landscape design, and other premium home features that you desire.