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Better City Building Basics


The most stable environments are those that are open to and tolerant of difference.  Diversity is the underpinning of a generative culture and creative citizenry that will drive innovation, strengthen a community, and build a vibrant, vital city.


We are committed to building to support social, racial, economic, physical, and visual diversity in our cities.  Generating difference in design, offering a variety of solutions, and leaving room for individual expression is the foundation of a diverse built environment.


Ecology, the relationship of disparate elements of a system and their surrounding environment, is a critical lens through which to see our urban buildings, neighborhoods, and broader city fabric.  Everything is connected and we work to facilitate and support the function of the ecosystem we live within.


Nothing exists in a vacuum, nor do we as individuals operate in isolation from one another or our surrounds.  By focusing on the integration of the disparate elements of the city, we find untapped opportunities for efficiency, redundancies that provide safety and security, and potential for symbiotic relationships that would be unknowable with a more narrow approach to city life.


Sustaining a vibrant, healthy, and creative community is our goal.  When trouble appears, it is the strength of our community that will ensure that we are resilient, responding to challenging circumstances and bouncing back more quickly.


We focus on redundancy - structural, energy generation, communication, water supply - as the underpinning of a resilient building.   But the most critical factor in community resilience is the human connections that exist prior to a disaster.  Knowing your neighbors is the number one solution to building a more resilient city.

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